Don’t Miss Out On These Amazing Culture Club VIP Member Benefits!



The leading provider of bluetooth headphones, portable power banks, wireless charging devices, accessories & more. 30% discount on all products!
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Dip Devices

Dip Devices creates unique & multi-functional concentrate vaporizers and are the original ‘direct dab’ innovators. 15% Discount!
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HitsBlunt IG Shout Out

@hitsblunt Instagram page can be a huge money maker for all VIP Members! Get your brand exposed to over 3 million followers! ($200 value).
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HitsBlunt Instagram Ad Discount

With over 3.4 million followers and over 20 million impressions per week, save on an ad on the trademarked @hitsblunt Instagram page!
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Legacy of Love

Legacy of Love is a way for loved ones to create their own messages to their kids to document precious memories. 4 months of free service.
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Mark Lack

Build your brand now! Influencer Mark Lack shows you how to build your personal brand. $5,000 discount on the course.
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Patriot Supreme

Our mission is to always provide safe high quality products to new and regular CBD consumers. 20% Discount On All Online Purchases.
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Retainer Based Academy

The Retainer Based Academy is an online learning portal designed to develop the future of financial planning. $250 off the course.
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Rock Thomas International

M1 is a whole life leadership with proven results in improving relationships, health & lifestyle – live life on your own terms. $750 discount.
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Short-Term Rental Secrets

STR Secrets is a program that teaches students how to launch an automated short-term rental portfolio. 20% off of STR Secrets Program.
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The CBD Path

CBD PATH offers superior quality CBD products specific tp each customer’s unique needs. 20% Discount On All Online Purchases.
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Ultimate Autographs

Ultimate Autographs delivers authentic memorabilia to the ultimate sports fans and collectors. $30 off any purchase min $150.
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Vacation Rentals

VTrips is the home to more than 1,800 luxury vacation properties. CC Members exclusively save 10% on any vacation rental booking!
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